About us

Biarritz.Media is created for those interested in the French/Basque way of life in the South-West region of France, the pearl of the region. Biarritz, a town with a rich and diverse history. On Biarritz.Media you can view photo galleries and videos of Biarritz, its’ incredibly beautiful beaches and coastline, the Atlantic Pyrenees and the unique culture of the Basque Country. In addition, you will find information about life in the region, useful links and recommendations.

Team Biarritz.Media provides photo and video services in the water, on the ground and in the air (from a drone, helicopter and airplane), video editing, content promotion, advertising and web marketing. If you want to share something interesting and reach a wide audience about yourself, your business or project-write to us. We are open to collaborating and communicating with you and your team to make your vision possible.

Sincerely, Camille and Vladimir Osechkin